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Beyond Aviation: Top 5 Uses for Aircraft Metal Polish

Did you know aircraft metal polish is not just for planes? Most may think that aircraft metal polish is limited to the polishing of planes and other aircraft, but in actuality, most aircraft metal polish can be used in a variety of ways to achieve the same results, or better. In fact the list of objects and uses beyond aviation is fairly extensive. In this post, we’ll take a look at the top five uses beyond aviation for aircraft metal polish.


At the top of the list for metal polish uses beyond aviation. From model planes to golf clubs, aircraft metal polish can help enthusiasts of all kinds achieve a fitting finish. For many projects done just for the fun of it, hobbies connect generations and become long running traditions. Likewise, the metal polish used can also become a tradition, so it’s important to remember that a good metal polish for hobbies has certain standard qualities.
First, it should be capable of thoroughly cleaning the surface of the hobby project. Over time, parts and hobby tools can become greasy and cluttered with fingerprints and other debris as they are put together and developed to completion. It’s necessary to incorporate a metal polish with superior cleaning ability and capable of removing all surface dust, stains or watermarks so that the project is well-prepared for finishing touches.
Next, the hobby project should be free and clear of any tarnishing or discoloration. This means that those lengthy projects that can lead to an accumulation of oxidation and other types of deterioration can be easily improved if a good quality polish is used.  Hobby tools that get into the tight, small spaces of miniature and small-sized projects paired with a good polish, even aircraft metal polish, can bring the entire item to a brand new life.
Most metal hobby projects are capable of a brilliant shine. In order to get a bright sheen for the finished work, you’ll need your brand of metal polish to include a product capable of providing a mirror-like finish for that spectacular brightwork shine when the time finally arrives for final display.


Whether it’s an heirloom spoon or a custom collector’s knife, kitchenware and cutlery can sometimes come to need a good polishing. The type of metal polish used, however, can make or break even the most careful polishing job, so it’s important to ensure that your choice is the right one from the start.
Harsh polishes usually do not yield satisfactory results with kitchenware. The softer metals used especially in antique items, can easily erode under the influence of heavy chemicals. However, a good water-based metal polish can make even the most delicate kitchen items return to their original sheen.
Some aircraft metal polishes contain heavy, abrasive chemicals that can damage an item that needs a softer touch. However there are some aircraft metal polishes with enough versatility to get the job done both in the hangar and on the family teapot.
With kitchenware, It’s important to keep in mind that the harsh chemical solutions do not always yield the best polishing jobs. Chemicals solutions may cut down on the amount of manual energy required for a polishing job, but it may not be the best choice for your cherished items in the long run. A versatile aircraft metal polish may be the better choice since it allows for a great shine without the risk of long-term damage.

Recreational Vehicles

Another excellent use for aircraft metal polish is on a recreational vehicle or camper. These vehicles are made mostly from a type of metal that makes many of the aircraft metal polishes on the market shine best – aluminum.
For instance, the Airstream is a well known RV type made completely of aluminum since it was first introduced on the market in the mid-1930’s. Today’s trend toward restoring cherished RV models from the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s means that enthusiasts are often on the lookout for the best metal polishes for the job.
The aluminum hide of most RV’s are perfectly suited to aircraft metal polishes that included the ability to remove water marks and other discolorations as well as provide an intense mirror like finish.

Machine Parts

Polishing machine parts may require specialized polishing tools, but even an aircraft metal polish will work well with most parts made of aluminium and other metal alloys. The manufacturers of machine parts may have helpful suggestions for the best polishing methods and tips for keeping parts well-maintained. It’s important to refer to these before beginning any polishing project.
It’s also important to note the benefits of regularly applying metal polish to machine parts. It’s easy to increase the efficiency and durability of parts using regularly scheduled polishings to remove dirt and debris and to enhance the life of the metal without removing sizable amounts of functionally from metal surface material.
Even aircraft metal polish is a great at giving machine parts a new life and has the added benefit of yielding the perfect gleam to even the most hardworking machine parts in your roster.

Industrial Uses

Manufacturers employ a number of metals for industrial processes. These finishes require regular upkeep and management, and the metal polish used must be carefully selected in order to maintain the quality of the process as well as the parts necessary to further them.
A good aluminum metal polish can remove any heavy oxidation from industrial equipment and parts exposed to excessive tarnishing factors. It can also remove scratches that may occur from friction in moveable manufacturing parts. Cloudiness can be addressed as well, often with materials as simple as a soft cotton terry cloth. Finish the process up with a surface polish to achieve a mirror finish or deeper shine.

Get the Best Out of Versatile Aircraft Metal Polish

Even when a polish is aviation approved, it’s definitely possible it has a number of interesting uses beyond aviation. Since many projects involve aluminum stainless steel and related metal alloys, it’s safe to consider using your aircraft metal polish in a number of different and useful ways. A good metal polish will be versatile enough to accomplish satisfactory results across a vast variety of projects and products, so never be afraid to try something new.

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