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BrightWork Polish Testimonials

BrightWork polish has helped restore and bring out the natural shine in thousands of aircraft around the world.  Here are just a few testimonials we have received from our happy customers:
“The New England Air Museum is dedicated to preserving, and presenting historically significant aircraft. The Museum has one of the finest restoration programs in the country and we pride ourselves in the restoration and preservation work we do. At the Museum we are continually working on historic aircraft. During the restoration process we have used Bright Work Polish to remove corrosion and polish aluminum on a number of our aircraft including our B-29, A-26, F-86, F-100 and found it superior to all other metal polishes available.”
Rory Kohler
Restoration Shop Supervisor, New England Air Museum
“One of the many tasks that is included in my job title is aircraft appearance of our demo fleet for Bombardier Aerospace.  Our aircraft must be in like new condition for each demo we perform for a prospective customer and I have witnessed the results that Bright Work Polish provides on our polished aluminum leading edges.   No other polish leaves the depth of polish, clarity and swirl free finish that Bright Work Polish provides.”
Andy Cultrera
Aircraft Support Coordinator, Bombardier Aerospace
“In my past 18 years of professional aircraft detailing we have tried ever aluminum polish on the market.  The first time my crew tried Bright Work Polish we know this was the best polish yet.  It’s very easy to produce a clear, swirl free finish that our customers demand and without the black residue mess that other polish leave.” 
Luis Caraballo
Aircraft Detailer Crew Supervisor
See for yourself how BrightWork polish can help make restoring and detailing your plane easier than ever by ordering our three step polishing system today!

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