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Tackling Tarnish- Top Benefits of Using Aviation Polish

A properly designed aircraft can truly be a thing of beauty. Not only can onlookers appreciate the flight quality and comfort, the exterior appearance can be eye-catching as well. Not without the right kind of aircraft polish, however.
This highlights one of the benefits of using aviation polish: stellar appearance. Beyond that, there are a number of advantages of using a good polish on an aircraft vehicle.

Cleans Away Dirt and Debris

Perhaps the most basic advantage of using aircraft metal polish is getting to a clean finish. An aircraft can collect a fair amount of dirt, debris and buildup over time and cleaning can be top priority. A good metal polish can clean as well as produce a lasting shine.

Removes Tarnish

Another well-known advantage of using an aircraft metal polish is the removal of tarnish. Tarnishing can occur when moisture and air seep into tiny cracks and holes in the surface of the exterior. Tarnished metal can take on green or blue hues and appear dull and faded. Aircraft metal polish can remove the undesirable coloring and restore the original luster beneath the tarnish getting the vehicle back to its preferably brilliant appearance.

Removing Marks and Scratches

An aircraft is a tough machine built to last, but that doesn’t mean it’s incapable of acquiring major scrapes, pits, marks and scratches over time. One of the benefits of using aircraft metal polish is that all exterior blemishes can be removed by rubbing on a polish using a soft cloth or buffer. Once the marks are removed, the vehicle is ready for another round of flights, this time looking its very best.

Removing Sunspots

One of the most harsh effects on an aircraft exterior can be the sun. Its rays and heat can damage the surface of metals over time, and for aircraft, this is a huge factor at high altitudes. One benefit of using aircraft metal polish is that the polish can remove the effects of harsh sun rays from aircraft metal sheeting and ensure that the resultant sunspots don’t diminish the overall luster and shine quality of the vehicle.

Protecting Aircraft Metal

Ideal aircraft metal polishes go beyond achieving the best shine possible and offer a quality amount of protection, too. This means the polish must contain a solid assortment of chemical, yet non-toxic and non-abrasive components that will ensure that the aircraft metal does not obtain future scuffs and scratches. Protection may come in the form of a finishing coat or it may be a significant feature contained within the polish itself due to special ingredients that give the polish additional protective ability.

Extends the Life of the Exterior

A related benefit of using aircraft metal polish, similar to protecting the exterior metal, is the ability to extend the life of the exterior. Keeping the metal surface of an aircraft polished and protected can sometimes ensure that the exterior is well able to hold up over time and maintain its quality than when the aircraft is not regularly polished.
Such advantages cannot be acquired with all metal polishes but this is certainly a feature that is attractive to those who want to maintain an aircraft for long periods of time without having to replace or strip portions of the exterior metal – a process that can be extremely costly.

Aids Restoration

Some manufacturers of aircraft metal polish know and understand that their products will be used on a fair amount of restoration projects. To this end, polishes are well adapted to handling the restoration work especially the kind that involves being lackluster exteriors and finishes back to life . The most versatile polishes are able to restore any number of metal types finishes and alloys without causing future corrosion or abrasion.

Sustaining Aircraft Metal Alloys

Also related to protecting and extending the life of aviation exteriors is the added benefit of sustaining aircraft metal alloys. Aircraft metal alloys are special. They contain percentages of metals such as aluminum and magnesium that are unique to the aircraft industry simply because they must function under unique conditions and circumstances. This means that the types of polishes used to maintain aircraft exteriors should be designed with the special qualities of aircraft metal alloys in mind.

Cost Savings

Cost saving is also an added benefit of using aircraft metal polish. When an aircraft vehicle is properly maintained with quality polish, it could needless repair and less polishing over time. This means an overall cost-savings since less money is spent on repairing exteriors and on general upkeep of external appearance.

The Bottom Line on Using Aircraft Metal Polish

The bottom line on using aircraft metal polish is that there are significant advantages and benefits involved. Without a good quality aviation metal polish, an aircraft exterior, though designed well, can fall into disrepair and be subject to tarnishing, fading and blemishes.
A good metal polish can prevent a dull, lackluster appearance as well as protect against future blemishes adding value and cost savings to your aircraft’s overall appeal.

Which Aircraft Metal Polish is Right for You?

The benefits listed here are the primary features of most aircraft metal polishes. Some benefits go above and beyond those mentioned here, but the type of benefit varies based on the type of polish used. In addition to doing the basic work of shining, cleaning and protecting, some polishes go even further in their advantages.
For instance, a number of polishes are non-toxic. This means they do not contain any harsh chemicals that would make it difficult to use on metals designed for human consumption or in enclosed spaces.
Other metal polishes are suitable for protecting against corrosion or may contain non-abrasive qualities that ensure a smooth texture and shine. Still others are water-based in order to prevent oily residue after polishing which can result in unsightly fingerprints.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Using an Aircraft Metal Polish

The best way to take advantage of the benefits of using an aircraft polish is to find a versatile polish that can be used on a variety of metals and metal alloys without causing damage. Go with a polish capable of achieving a quality mirror-like shine. You’ll also want a polish with a solid cleaning and protective agent included. If you’re thinking about polishing your aircraft, consider using only the best aircraft metal polish.

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