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Applying Aircraft Metal Polish: Best How-to Videos

Applying aircraft metal polish is not the easiest process to explain. It requires a certain mix of both experience and visual demonstration. In order to properly bring forward exactly what needs to be done to achieve that high quality shine that all technicians desire, sometimes a video tutorial is simply the best media type.
When it comes to how-to video experiences, metal aircraft polishing is one of those processes that has a strong following on platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. In fact there can be so many video tutorials it can be hard to choose which video is most worthy of your valuable time.
However, getting the most out of a metal polish video tutorial is easy if you know where to look. Here, we’ve pulled together some of the best how-to, aircraft metal polish videos on the web. These videos reveal the most accurate methods for polishing aircraft metal as well as other types of metal.

Tips for Finding the Best Application Process Videos

Before we dive into the videos, it might be helpful to put forward a few hints and tips on how-to sift through the mediocre to find the greats. Aircraft metal polish videos are excellent tools because they really allow viewers to see for themselves the type of work a particular polish can perform.
Can a scratch removing polish actually back up its manufacturer guarantees? What type of shine can a polish bring forward? What’s the best method that the manufacturer recommends for getting the results desired?
A good tutorial video answers all these questions and more. Actually, it only takes 5 minutes or less to explain or demonstrate a polish’s best traits. On the other hand, videos with less than 30 seconds of footage may not be worth the click.
One other characteristic of the best aircraft metal polish videos is the profound lack of wordiness. For the best polishes, the proof is in the demonstration. This often does not require a large amount of dialogue and verbal instruction. Videos that feature the visible polishing process with safety and skill in mind often have the highest viewership – and for good reason.

Tops Videos in the Aircraft Polish World

If you’re looking for a great set of videos to get your polishing project off the ground, go with the videos that feature the best aircraft metal polishes. The following videos, showcasing the work of Bright Work aircraft metal polish, really help to show the viewer exactly what it takes to get that highly desirable, deep shine in a metal aircraft.

The first video works with the Brightwork Red Polish, useful for removing initial scratches and heavy oxidation.
The second video is the Bright Work White Polish, useful for removing cloudiness, light oxidation, water spots and other harder to reach blemishes.
The third video works with the Bright Work Blue Polish which brings out one of the deepest and brightest shines on the market.
Other aircraft metal polishes videos are out there, too. For instance, this set of quick tutorial videos from FreshAir Services showcases a simple and straightforward breakdown of the bright work process from dry wash to full shine.
One of the most notable aircraft polishing videos is this one, showing the extensive process used to spruce up one of the nation’s most well-known aircraft, Air Force One.
Equally inspiring is this video from Xtreme Detailing which shows the polishing process for the historically significant Lockhead Electra, a replica of the model in which Amelia Earhart was last seen.

Tips for Getting the Best Out of the Aircraft Polishing Process

After watching several of these aircraft metal polishing videos, it’s easy to gather a few tips for getting the best out of the polishing process. For instance, in the the best videos, it’s clear to see that having a solid team of technicians on hand to get the job done and done well is key.
Another trend among the best aircraft metal polishing videos is the use of proper cleaning and polishing tools. The right buffers, sandpapers, polish and cloths can make or break a polishing job, so be sure to choose tools wisely before the polishing project begins.
Another common thread among these videos is a characteristic that may not at first be obvious but is definitely implied – patience. Every aircraft metal polishing video tends to reflect the hard work and effort that each technician must be willing to sustain, in most cases, over long periods of time, in order to get the desired finished result.

Getting to the Bottom of Bright Work via Video       

When a technician takes to the Internet in hopes of getting tips on the best way to polish a metal aircraft, the first place he may turn is video. Video tutorials have a special way of conveying the information that is so precious to the metal polish process.
In addition, by watching tutorial videos, technicians get an opportunity to appreciate the specific kinds of tools, procedures and patience that must be involved in order to avoid mistakes and achieve the best results.
Videos are also great for getting quick refreshers for those who have at least some skill and experience working with aircraft metal polishes, but maybe are out of practice or are in need of a refresher course. In such situations, it helps to already know which particular process you’re looking for and to have a few tips, such as those note here, on how to look for the best tutorials dealing with the aircraft metal polish process.
Overall, aircraft metal polish video tutorials can be a great source of inspiration and even motivation for any polishing process. The next time you’re on the hunt for a useful and reliable aircraft metal polishing video, keep these hints, tips and examples in mind.

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