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How To Get the Best Detailing Service For Your Aircraft

When it comes to detailing your aircraft, a number of options are available, but which option is right for you and your plane? Many airlines have ready-made detailing service available in the form of special personnel that handle all the rigors of interior and exterior cleaning.
These airline detailers, also called FBO personnel, are not always specially trained for aircraft detailing, but may consist of part-timers or even maintenance professionals on-hand to take care of any necessary jobs on the agenda.
Beyond FBO personnel, there are a number of small business aircraft detailers standing by for your detailing needs. These can be businesses that specialize specifically in aircraft detailing or others who provide aircraft detailing in addition to car or boat detailing services.
Whether you choose to go with FBO personnel or a local detailing service, you’ll need to equip yourself with the kind of knowledge that helps decipher which service is best for you and your aircraft. Consider these few simple tips to get you through the decision making process.
Tips for Selecting the Best Aircraft Detailing Service

Assess your needs.

Before deciding which aircraft detailing service is right for you, consider what your needs are. Are you hoping for a detailing service that is comprehensive and willing to throw in a few extras along with the detailing? Are you open to service from a newer company that has all the right bright work products you desire? Have your friends recommended a particular service that you’d like to try?
All of these are serious considerations that may require a bit of deliberation before proceeding with the selection process. Use them to narrow down your choices to the best 2 or 3 aircraft detailing businesses that you think will fit your needs.

Work Your Network

One surefire way to select the best detailing service for your aircraft is to form relationships with detailing managers and workers over time. A solid relationship firmly in place can actually save you money and time in the long run.
Why? It’s simple. A worker or manager who knows you personally, who is familiar with the particular nuances of your aircraft, and who has come to rely on your service is less likely to skimp on the quality job he has been enlisted to do and more likely to put in 110% effort.

Ensure Insurance

Just because an aircraft detailing service is highly visible, with all the right advertising and marketing strategies to gain a quick and positive first impression, doesn’t mean it’s the right service for your plane. One of the most practical considerations, beyond the initial first impression, is whether or not the company is insured for the services they provide.
What role does insurance play in aircraft detailing services, you might ask? It’s clear. Without insurance, the detailing service may not have sufficient finances to cover any losses they cause to your aircraft while providing service or as the result of the service. This is true even if the business is held liable for damages after a lawsuit in some cases. Insurance ensures that the detailing service is able to cover their losses should any occur.
The industry norm for a detailing service is to have at least $5 million dollars in liability insurance coverage for work on any aircraft.

Do Your Homework

Considerations about insurance coverage are just one of the top concerns any aircraft owner should have when searching for the best detailing service. A number of other considerations should also be on the list. This might make conducting a small information-gathering mission with the detailing services you encounter a wise choice.
Researching the top aircraft detailing services in your area is essential for finding the service that’s the best fit for your needs. This means giving a few a quick call to ask questions and get specifics.
You’ll need to know if the service carries the type of products recommended by your aircraft manufacturers, for instance. Also it’s helpful to get a good grasp on how much experience the service has and how long they’ve been in business. Pricing and specifics about extra costs and fees are also good to know at the outset.

Know the Specifics on Costs

Speaking of inquiring about costs and fees, pricing is yet another consideration to take into account when selecting the best detailing service for your aircraft.
Any conversation about pricing should always begin with a quote. This initial quote need not be elaborate or guaranteed. It will be sufficient if provides an accurate assessment of the amount you can expect to spend for a quality job.
Even if the quoted price is not guaranteed, obtaining one gives you a documented measure of what a quality job will cost. This way, if the service falls well below expectations, you have a ballpark idea of how much the price should be adjusted in order to compensate. Also, if the company tacks on any extra fees, the quote is a great reference point to use in determining the actual costs of the service.

Getting the Best Detailing Service for Your Aircraft

Getting the best detailing service for your aircraft is a process filled with important decisions. With so many businesses in the industry, the choice may not be easy to make. It’s important to have a few key tips to keep in mind when moving forward with the selection process.
Once the decision is made, the process doesn’t stop there. You’ll want to stay abreast of newcomers, deals and specials so that you’re sure to get the best detailing service for your aircraft possible. Beyond these helpful tips, be sure to select the aircraft detailing service that best fits your needs and that carries only top metal aircraft polish products.

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